Community Involvement

LCMS is a professional organization of medical doctors practicing in Lancaster County

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Projects/Programs initiated or supported by LCMS:

LCMS has had a long history of community involvement. Listed below are just a few of these community projects/programs.

  • Lincoln Family Practice Residency Program – LCMS members were instrumental in establishing our local Family Practice Residency Program 

  • City-wide CME Committee – In an effort to assist our members to access and track their CME, LCMS took a lead role in establishing a city-wide advisory committee.

  • Emergency Medical Care Services/Medical Direction Board - In the early 1980’s Lincoln Fire and Rescue and our private ambulance companies began training paramedics. Since paramedics were a new discipline they reached out to LCMS to provide Medical Direction. This board consisted of physicians that conducted chart audits and provided education for the newly trained paramedics. 

  • Community Blood Bank - In the 1980’s LCMS members realized the need for a local blood source and established the Community Blood Bank of the Lancaster County Medical Society. Eventually this organization was dissolved and LCMS broke all ties as the Blood Bank merged with a National Organization. 

  • Medical Advisory Committee for the Lincoln Public Schools [LPS] - this committee is still in place for LPS. They have 4-5 local physicians who provide guidance on school medical protocols. 

  • School-Community Intervention Program (SCIP) - This program, designed to create an intervention process for drugs and alcohol abuse in schools was started with the support of LCMS physicians.  The program is still active in all Lincoln area schools

  • Volunteer Physicians at Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department Indigent Clinic - In the late 1990’s several LCMS members began a volunteer clinic with the local Health Department. Anyone without insurance could access care at this clinic. This clinic existed until Peoples Health Center opened as our Federally Qualified Health Clinic
  • Centralized Credentials Verification Service through the NCVO – In collaboration with the Nebraska Medical Association and the Metro Omaha Medical Society we established a universal verification service for physicians throughout the State. 

  • Robert Wood Johnson “Black Bag Project” - In 2001, LCMS received funding for a 5 year grant to establish a community network of physicians and healthcare services to serve low income seniors. We worked closely with Aging Partners and eventually Peoples Health Center had the infrastructure to integrate this program into their clinic. 

  • Community Health Endowment of Lincoln - LCMS members served on the board to help establish this endowment from sale of Lincoln General Hospital. This endowment has had a significant impact on our community. The bylaws allow only the funding of health related programs and projects in Lancaster County.

  • Establishment of People’s Health Center - This was a very comprehensive collaboration and took almost a year of meetings to submit an application to the Federal Government for consideration. It was accepted and in September 2003-Peoples Health Center, now known as Bluestem Health was established. Currently there are 5 Bluestem locations across the city. They receive federal funds to serve the uninsured and underinsured on a sliding fee. They also serve a large number of Medicaid patients, which is helpful as access to new Medicaid patients remain limited.

  • Indoor Smoke Free Ordinance - LCMS established a committee of physicians to promote an ordinance that would protect citizens from the health hazards of second hand smoke. The committee contacted the Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department leadership, who then established a city wide collaboration. After a great deal of education and testifying before the City Council and County Commissioners, Lincoln successfully passed the Clean Air Ordinance that prohibited smoking in public areas. Several years later LCMS worked with NMA to help establish this throughout the State of Nebraska.
  • EMS, Inc. - Independent Medical Oversight for pre-hospital care in Lancaster County-This was the replacement for the Medical Advisory Board to provide medical oversight and direction for our pre-hospital providers, This remains active today. 

  • AED Community Coalition – In collaboration with the hospitals and various community organizations LCMS helped raised money to place AED’s throughout the community in public areas. AED’s were place in all high schools, middle schools, government buildings and a variety of human services organizations. LCMS Foundation helped fund this project.

  • Minority Health - a community coalition funded by a grant from the State Minority Health Division.  LMCS received money for medications and translation. This allowed us to establish an interpretation service for our offices. The first 5 years we received grant dollars that paid for the majority of that cost. Once the grant was over we still were able to maintain a group rate for our offices, saving them approximately 50 cents a minute on phone and video interpretation services. This is in effect yet today. 

  • Access Medicaid - the late 1990’s to 2008 LCMS staff were part of a community coalition working together to assure adequate access to services for Medicaid patients. This was the first major grant to help provide non-dues income for LCMS annual budget. 

  • Medicaid Enrollment Center [MEC] - From 2008-2016 LCMS coordinated the Statewide Enrollment for new Medicaid patients. 

  • COVID-19 Community coalition – LCMS staff and members worked closely with other community health care partners to address the COVID-19 pandemic. This included assisting with mass vaccination clinics and community  awareness campaigns.